Winter Has Arrived

There’s a certain magic in the way time flies after Thanksgiving. Perhaps its the constellation of holidays that gives you a bright star to look forward to on that first Monday back in the office. Or, perhaps, its the return of Christmas music, in all of its cheerful sleigh-bell glory, which we binge on until New Years Day. There’s a certain timelessness, too, in the rituals we keep during the holiday season, be it decorating the house, hosting a dinner, or watching George C. Scott’s A Christmas Carol.

Scooter, the beloved family Shi Tzu, helps trim the tree

Scooter, the beloved family Shi Tzu, helps trim the tree

Here at our house on the hillside, the sun broke on bare, brown hills on Christmas morning. An unusual thing, according to the locals. And a sad one, to some,  although no one seemed to mind the mild 40 degree weather either! Until recently, snow came only in fits and spurts and never stayed around for more than a day or so.

And then the cold came.


What does Vermont cold feel like, you ask? It’s when the high of the day is a single digit, and if it gets into the low 20s, it feels like Florida. Or when you put wet cat food outside, and it freezes before the cat can wolf it all down. It’s so cold your ears go numb in your hat, and your feet go numb under two layers of socks and a set of boots. For us, it means that our wardrobes still need to be Vermont-ified, when it comes to this beastly winter weather.

Tree trimming is tough work! Time for a nap.

Tree trimming is tough work! Time for a nap.

It’s beautiful, too, make no mistake about that. Forests full of evergreens laden with snow are picture-perfect, and the long nights make for quiet evenings by the wood stove and a good night’s sleep.  I even tried out the snow shoes today in our woods! And I’m trying to learn the different animal tracks so I can see what’s roaming around in the snow.  (Mastery level currently comprises of the squirrel)

I’d like to say that with all of this wintery time, I would be churning up blogs left and right and imparting bushels of stories and photographs. But alas, I’m currently juggling work as a telecommuting attorney, a law clerk at a local Vermont firm, and studying for the Vermont Bar in February. It will be a very busy two months. Perhaps I’d best heed my own advice and take time to enjoy a quiet winter evening so as not to lose my mind!

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