3 Great Turkey Leftover Recipes

I shouldn’t be surprised how much turkey leftovers we had, given that our Thanksgiving dinner was for a mere party of two (2), but after the dust had settled and the smoke had parted, we still had a substantial pile of roasted turkey to contend with. So! I thought I would share my a pint-sized compendium of my favorite turkey leftover recipes.

  • Oprah’s Chicken Turkey Pot Pie with Cornbread Crust
    This one is an all-time favorite in our house, in large part because it is extremely forgiving and tasty. If you don’t have peas, use corn. If you don’t have potatoes, use squash. It’s such a great catch-all for leftovers and sad little veggies languishing in the crisper drawer.  Plus, if you can follow the directions on making the sauce and the cornbread, it’ll come out great every time. This was my first Thanksgiving turkey reincarnated.
  • Joy of Cooking’s Turkey Tetrazzini
    This one is what’s currently in our fridge, and boy is it tasty! I love the almonds and mushrooms, and any recipe that gives me a reason to open a bottle of wine is always good in my book. The funny thing is that, while we’ve  had a Joy of Cooking book in the house for eons, I only just learned about this recipe at a holiday party this past weekend when I brought up my plight of inundation-by-turkey-leftovers.
  • And of course, Turkey Noodle Soup!
    When all else fails (or at least looks like it’s almost past its prime) there is always soup. I love soup because I can use the carcass to make stock, and then throw in the less-than-pretty bits of meat pulled off the bird and any less-than-pretty veggies and it’s delicious!  Perfect for cleaning out the freezer or the fridge.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving turkey leftover recipe?

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