Hooray! We’ve rounded the final bend of this mini-series and what a joy it has been. We were blessed to have the most incredible foliage season here, though it arrived much later than usual, but at its peak, the brilliance of oranges, reds and yellows made the mountains look like they were set on fire. If you have two minutes to spare, this video of Vermont foliage in the Northeast Kingdom is fantastic.


Vermont foliage

Amazing to me is how quickly the foliage arrives, and how quickly it goes. Like a fire, the first few days are just flickers of color. Day by day it gathers momentum until one day you realize that the hills are ablaze in color and it stops you in your tracks. You gawk. You admire. You snap a few photos.  But before you know it, the colors are sizzling and sputtering like the coals of a waning campfire and the leaves are fluttering down one by one.

Sight Fall Foliage

Sight Fall FoliageIt’s truly a sight to behold. And we’re not the only ones taking it all in! “Foliage season” brings tourists by the busload (literally). With enough leaf-peepers out and about, on a drive to Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Waterbury Center, Vermont we actually got stuck in some traffic! We encountered similar madness at the King Arthur Flour visitor’s center — packed!

As we ease into winter, the leaves are settling and the hills are somber. It’s a quiet aftermath that we’re experiencing now; a palette of neutrals; an unveiling of views. All in all, we were quite lucky to enjoy such a beautiful transition our first year here. The challenge of capturing it in all five senses made it all the more fun!

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    1. Stacey Post author

      Thanks Janette! We had an incredible two weeks of foliage — makes you realize how lucky someone is to live here and enjoy it year after year.


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