First Snow of the Season

Chairs after the snow stormI absolutely love this photograph. It was late afternoon on Saturday and the first snowstorm of the season had just passed through. The light of the setting sun was UH-mazing.

Ominous snow clouds hovered in the valley to the west, veiling the sun with their silvery shadows. As the winds blew the last of the storm across the sky, luminous rays began to glow through the snowy sheets of grey.

For just a few precious minutes this soft, golden light pooled across our yard. Flurries were still swirling about as I ran into the house to grab the camera.

I was transfixed by the aureate, dreamlike quality of the moment and only managed to get a few shots in before the crystalline snowflakes had melted into the diffuse light of the sunset.

Snow on the parsley plant I felt very lucky to be given the opportunity to capture the play between light and shadow, sun and snow! It seems to be part of the essence of this seasonal transition.

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