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Food photography is not easy. Between the unappetizing haze of overhead kitchen lights, the hazmat orange glow of the camera flash, and the fact that every photo seems to include your cat, your dog, or  your clutter in the background, there is just way more going on than simply snapping a quick picture.

Now that we are completely inundated with vegetables from our Community Supported Agriculture (“CSA”) share from Pete’s Greens, I’ve found that I have some of the most beautiful food subjects to practice with and I thought I would share some of my practice photos!

Sweet "lunchbox peppers"

Sweet “lunchbox peppers”

Perhaps one day I will become proficient enough to do a how-to. For now though, I am still figuring out how to turn on the camera’s external flash. I have no idea how to actually use it!

Last week’s share included the most adorable little bell peppers you ever did see. They’re called “lunchbox peppers” because they’re small enough to fit in one, and they’re super sweet. Bright as a school bus too! We’ve enjoyed them with breakfast eggs.


Celebration squash

These are “Celebration Squash” which are a lot like acorn squashes, I think, though I haven’t cooked them yet so I can’t say for sure. They’re really fun — green stripes and orange freckles. The photo doesn’t quite do them justice. 

And then we have the greens! O, the greens. Each week we have received a baggie of beautiful, spicy mesclun mix and a head of lettuce. This week’s was a real stunner — I love the red edging on the leaves.

Green and potatoesAnd this photo was one of my first tries with the external flash that comes with the camera.  There’s a lot of potential there! But the background is a little chaotic and I haven’t quite figured out the trifecta of shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

Side note — those cute little ‘taters were from our CSA share too. I also can’t believe Halloween is right around the corner!

Well, of course I can. I ate an entire bag of candy corn last night.

… totally worth it.

But really, I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloweekend! And I hope you enjoy vegging out with me as I try to improve my food photography skills! Suggestions  and feedback are always welcome.

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