26146_528287647258_2462164_nMy single digit years were full of fanciful stories and sagas that unfolded in loopy pencil script across pages and pages of paper purloined from my parents’ office. Teen years bespoke of journaling about everything and nothing, and dark, brooding poetry full of teenage angst. College years still included courses in creative writing and great literature.

Yet, somewhere along the way I lost my way. I stopped writing for the love of writing and only wrote for the toils of law school and work. Legal writing in particular, with its precedent and polemic, is like an over-baked cake. No matter how much spice or icing you smother it with, it’s still dry and unappetizing. Law in real life in not nearly as good looking as it is on television.

So my hopes for this blog are twofold. In addition to rekindling my writing, I hope to inspire others who (like me) are teetering on the fence of making a great change in their life.

In my case, my fiancé and I moved to Vermont, where we have no family, no relatives, no friends, and no appreciable ties to the community. Heck, I don’t even own snow tires! But my compass was pointing me in the direction of slower, more simple living and so here I am. Cooking up a new story for myself from my little house on the hillside. I hope you’ll join me at the table.

One thought on “Beginnings

  1. Alicia

    You are an awesome writer! I love to read but never have the time … always too busy … but your stories are inspiring me to do more of that … reading is part of living a simpler life…. its good to absorb…. chill and relax. So – thank you…. Your blog has given me that! 😀


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